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Guitar Lesson 1 – Are You An Absolute Beginner? If Yes, Then You’re In The Right Place! You just bought your guitar and have no clue how to start off. I’m here to help you start playing the guitar right away. Skip to Exercises straight away 4:53 In this session, there are two very important subjects explained: 1] The anatomy of guitar [details of guitar parts] 2] Exercises for both Left-Hand & Right-Hand Hi, I’m Obed Zeme, and welcome to the fascinating guitar world! This lesson will help you build a strong foundation for the beginner’s level of learning and will help you progress much faster than usual. You’ll soon be playing chords/songs with much ease. Do not be in hurry and don’t leave out any exercises given, try to master all of them. You’ll thank me later 🙂 By the way, just wanted to let you know that it requires lots of dedication & patience to learn this instrument whether you plan to learn guitar just for fun or professionally. Have fun and All the Best! If you’re looking to learn more intermediate or advanced guitar level you may visit my website for more free content as well as full course

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