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Second Album 2019


Released: 24 – 04 – 19

Label: Songdew

  1. King Bruce
  2. Like an Ant
  3. New Day
  4. Twelve Springs Oasis
  5. Blessing Song

Music Description: New Day is a five-track guitar instrumental album. Every song has a theme and very strong melody lines driving in it. It is soulful and hence lots of feelings and emotions in the music. Each song is a narration of a certain theme. Like my first album ‘Canaan Caravan’, these five songs are not recorded in one season, rather, was written and compiled mostly in the early and mid-2000s. You’ll find Zeme’s typical signature style again in this album.  Very simple and melodious intro, and then the verse usually continue with the melody lines like listening to somebody singing a verse and a chorus. And when the second verse comes in, you may hear some improvisation here and there but not much. For those looking for some interesting licks and improvisations comes in this section when the songs are halfway passed, you will find fast licks, long runs, odd phrasing, and all those challenging styles and techniques. One may miss this interesting section of the song if you don’t listen through the entire song. Sic’  ‘It is not necessary to show off or start with a crazy intro to catch people’s attention on every song and later have energy fade away, nevertheless it doesn’t mean that I don’t do that at all, it depends on which type of songs I am writing’.

Inspiration: Inspiration comes in many ways. I write songs depending on how I feel [theme] at that particular point in time. Sometimes, the very interesting melody comes to me first and I go on adding rhythms and chord progressions or it happens the other way round. Sometimes the whole song comes in a flow and takes a week to finish, other times, it could take months depending on the complexity, and how much time you spend to work on the song matters too.

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First Album 2013


Released: 1 – 8 – 14

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Label: Free The Music

  1. Shakina Glory
  2. Still Waters
  3. Canaan Caravan
  4. Hook & Crook
  5. Always Yours
  6. Arrows by Night
  7. It is Well
  8. Origami
  9. Zion Song
  10. The Other Side of the River
  11. Rib of My Frame
  12. A Cry for Peace
  13. Pandora’s Box
  14. Amazing Grace

Obed Zeme’s debut album Canaan Caravan is a tale of life’s journey that began in faith. It is the guitarist’s rendition of the biblical caravan in the wilderness towards the Promised Land, Canaan. The titles of the tracks analogize significant landmarks in his spiritual passage. He is led by the peaceful Still Waters but has to also endure the Arrows by Night. There are times when he envies the life on the Other Side of the River and tested his commitment, but deep down there’s a calm assurance that tells him that It is well with his soul.  He longs for Shakina Glory at all times, be it while he sings the Zion Song in adoration of the divine or while creating Origami in leisure.  And it is music, he says, that sustains faith as he continues to travel amidst the curse of Pandora’s Box.

Canaan Caravan is not one season collection of the artist, rather, was written and compiled over a decade mostly in the early 2000s. It encompasses different genres like ballad, rock, Latin, country, funk, jazz, and blues.  True to Obed’s belief the album seeks to connect with the Higher power through music. Along with the larger vision for Peace and Harmony amongst all people reflected in his signature track A Cry for Peace, it also includes favorites like Rib of My Frame and Amazing Grace.

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