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Obed Zeme has been a prominent fixture in the Indian music scene for well over two decades and has amassed a sizeable body of work along the way. He is an ace guitarist, songwriter, and producer. He primarily masters guitar but is highly prolific in piano, bass, vocal, and sound engineering. He began his musical career in his early teenage years recording albums, and performing in concerts, radio, and television in North East India. He later made Delhi his base where he started working with established names in the music scene in India.

He is the founding member of many bands: A classic rock band Basement Blues (2000 -2002), a Christian Metal Band Messiahnic Troopers(2003- 2008), a collaboration with American blues/folk artists Continental Drift(2006-2009), a reggae funk band Babylon Extension(2009 -2011), an international funk-jazz band Unfinished Biz (2009- ). Besides he was also a member of many known bands like Indian pioneer rock band Nirvana (2003 – 2004), Indian legendary rock band of the ’80s Applied for (2011 – 2014), a classic rock band WinTage (2012 – 2013) popularly known as CEO’s band and North-East Express 2002 – 2003. His versatility and proficiency in numerous genres of music are seen in his significant involvement in these well-known bands, besides featuring with many other bands and celebrity artists.

His music has been playing in all the showrooms of the British legendary motor company called ‘MG Motors since the company launched in 2019 in India.

He has been featured in top-profile music festivals such as Re-Rock India, Escape Festivals, etc. He has composed music for many albums, and promotional campaigns and also has done scores for TV serials, movies, and documentary films for the National Geographic channel. He has also done extensive commercial work for corporate houses like Samsung, Hyundai, Godrej, and Vatika among others. His music has been covered in leading magazines such as The Outlook, The Chronicles, RockStreetJournal, and The Sun. There have been articles written on him in various national newspapers like The Hindustan Times, The Times of India, The Telegraph, Indian Express, etc. He is not a new name in music blogs and websites. Prominent television channels such as NDTV, Sahara, CNN-IBN, and DD2 have telecasted interviews with him. All India Radio also broadcasts his interviews and music in Europe, Africa, and Asia. He has been consistently recognized by major educational institutions in the country as an expert in Western Music.

Currently, he is working on various projects under his banner Obed Zeme, which is a charitable humanitarian body that endeavours to touch lives through education, social awareness initiatives, and building support groups. The philosophy behind Obed Zeme is that Music is more than mere entertainment. Young lovers of music can deeply engage with their social realities and contribute greatly to making a better society. It also attempts to give dignity and respect to musicians who are often stereotyped and associated with drugs and negative elements. It focuses on grooming young talents and promoting them to become independent and responsible professionals.

Obed Zeme was a co-founder of the music school Art Tree Academy of Music and Performing Arts. He had taught in numerous schools in Delhi such as the renowned Parikrama School of Music, and Aria Music School until he founded his institute, One Majority Academy of Music in 2011. He has trained thousands of students since 1999, many of whom are now professional musicians.

He is also a certified Guitar Instructors’Trainer for Yamaha Music Private Limited in India where he trains the teachers. He regularly conducts guitar workshops across the country for the company as well as independently.

In the wake of the global pandemic in 2020, Obed Zeme was a star campaigner in the awareness program launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, to raise COVID awareness. Empowered individuals with knowledge, dispelling myths and misconceptions while emphasizing the significance of preventive measures such as wearing masks, practising good hygiene, and maintaining social distancing.

Recently in 2022, in an initiative of the Government of India to celebrate and commemorate 75 years of independence and the glorious history of its people, culture, and achievements popularly known as ”Azadi Amrit Mohatsav” the Income Tax Department North-East Region felicitated Mr Obed Zeme as an outstanding personality in recognition of his achievement in the field of Music and in sincerest appreciation of his significant contribution towards promotion of music and charitable humanitarian endeavours in education, social awareness initiatives and building support groups for youths.

Zeme’s experimental guitar instrumental album called ‘Canaan Caravan’, was released at blueFrog Delhi India on the 25th of July 2014 in association with Songdew sponsored by Tata Nano Twist and powered by FM Radio City Freedom. His interviews and music were aired all over Europe and Asia by AIR(All India Radio). It encompasses different genres like ballad, rock, Latin, country, funk, jazz, and blues. Canaan Caravan is not one season’s collection of the artist, but a consolidation of songs written in the last decade. True to Zeme’s belief the album seeks to connect with the Higher power through music. In it, he conveys his vision for Peace and Harmony amongst all peoples.

The second guitar instrumental album titled ‘New Day’ was released in the summer of 2019. New Day is a five-track guitar instrumental album. Every song has a theme and very strong melody lines driving it. It is soulful and hence has lots of feelings and emotions in the music. Each song is a narration of a certain theme. Like my first album ‘Canaan Caravan’, these five songs were not recorded in one season, rather, were written and compiled mostly in the early and mid-2000s. You’ll find Zeme’s typical signature style again in this album. For the album details click here.

The albums are available worldwide in all the leading online music stores like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CDBaby, and many more.

Record labels: Songdew, Free The Music

The ObedZeme Project

The ObedZeme Project is a 6-piece outfit formed in 2012, culling members from diverse walks of life and musical influences – everything from rock, country, blues, gospel, soul, and funk to guitar instrumentals. The outfit tips a collective hat to greats like U2, Curtis Mayfield, and many more and their originals. Songs talk about life experiences and journeys and touch on topics such as peace, love, faithfulness, transformation, jubilation, and divine connections.

Current Band Members:

Obed Zeme – guitars/vocals

Ambar Tewari –  acoustic guitar/vocals

Jeff  Kayina – electric guitar

Ashley Vaz – keyboards/vocals

Vipin Sharma – bass/vocals

Hemendra Nath – drums

Former Band Members:

Worshon Muivah – vocals

Agui Panme – vocals

James Simte – electric guitars

Nishant Rastogi – drums

Ali Imchen – electric guitars

Immanuel Sanate – bass/vocals

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