Advanced Guitar Lesson 26 of 40

Advanced Guitar Lesson 26 of 40 (Gypsy minor scale)
A gypsy minor scale is an exotic scale also known as Hungarian minor scale. It has a very interesting tonic arrangement. It is very common in Flamenco and in Indian classical Carnatic music.

You are accessing to one of the lessons from our complete comprehensive 40 Advanced Guitar Lessons course! And see yourself improved and equipt in a short while as a guitar player only if you at all covers every lesson taught here. Don’t miss out this chance. If you have to learn from a music teacher, you’ll have to spend at least Rs.500 – 1000 or $10 – 20 per class. So you guess how much we are offering you out here.
I’m doing this especially for those of you who have requested me for video lessons and for those who have wanted to learn a guitar for a long time and somehow couldn’t make it because of many reasons like time factor, financial problems and distance and so on. If you hear me right then this is for you. Get yourself registered and get access to all the lessons offered here.

Good news is, the fee is just Rs.3000 now if you are residents of India for an unlimited period of time. Please go to the ‘Pay’ menu or click here to make a payment for the complete ’40 Advanced Guitar Lessons’ course. And if you are from outside India then you may click here to register to get access to the entire 40 lessons.

See you all there soon!

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